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A showcase of REAL
rock 'n roll in the mid
50s, and, of course,
Jayne Mansfield!
Little Richard, Eddie
Cochran, Fats Domino,  
Gene Vincent, The
Platters, The Treniers,
and several others
perform in the movie.
Sam Phillips'
Million Dollar Quartet!
Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis
Presley and Johnny Cash get together in
the Sun Record Studio in Memphis, TN
circa 1956.
It wasn't Doo Wop but it
Papa Joe's POP DooWop Pit Stop ...
Remembering the classic hits and the misses of popular
music of the 50's, 60's and beyond.
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Featured Jerry Lee Lewis'
title tune that he co-wrote with
Ron Hargrave.  He also
appears in the movie playing
Gold Record hit with his
band on the back of a flatbed
The movie featured Bill Haley
and the Comets' "Rock
Around The Clock".  It is
credited to have provided the
spark that led to the musical
revolution we now call
Rock And Roll!
The tune was number ONE
on Billboard for
eight  straight
weeks and sold millions of
A rich, but stylized look at the
world of the conformist
mid-1950s from the
perspective of an adolescent
male  - a troubled teen with
ineffectual parents, who faces
a new school environment.
Stars James Dean,
Natalie Wood, Sal
Mineo, Jim Backus,
Dennis Hopper
No one in town will listen to
poor Steve when he tries to
warn them that some kind
of monster is on the loose.
So, of course, it's up to
Steve, his girl, and his
drag-racing buddies to try
to stop it. But how do you
stop something that's
immune to bullets, fire, and
just about everything else?
The first feature film to
examine outlaw motorcycle
gang violence in America. The
film premiered under the title
Hot Blood, on December
30, 1953. One of the film's
"Hot feelings hit terrifying
heights in a story that
really boils over!"