* What it is ... *
When POP was Doo Wop
The Belmonts, Imperials, Crystals, Satellites,
Skyliners, and the Crests, just to name a few,
were topping the charts with those smooth
and, of course, there was Rock And Roll!
A mixed breed of Black, White, and Hispanic
music with a driving beat!
Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis,
Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Ritchie Valens .. and
then came ... The Beatles!!
Rock On!!
Papa Joe's POP Do Wop Pit Stop
is a web site dedicated to bringing you back to
the days when AM radio was blasting pop,
rockabilly, country, rhythm and blues, doo wop,
and, of course, Rock And Roll!  
Whatever you were in the mood to listen to, it
only took a mere twist of the dial to find it.  
Sometimes you found a lot more than you were
looking for!!
Papa Joe's POP DooWop Pit Stop ...
Remembering the classic hits and the misses of popular
music of the 50's, 60's and beyond.
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