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Don's Musical Garden  (Check it out and see what's growing)
I was born in 1936 and during the late 30's and thru the 40's I heard a lot of great  inspiring  music pouring out of our AM radio!
There was Big Band, Jazz, Pop, etc.  So way back then the seeds of Great and  Diversified  music seeds were being planted in
Musical Garden"
As the 40's grew to a close and the decade of the 50's began, the seeds of R & B and Doo Wop began to be planted in "Don's Musical
.  My "Garden" grew such talents as:  The Cardinals, The Clovers, The Cadillacs, Ruth Brown, Faye Adams, Joe Turner, The
Dominoes, The Five Royals, The Orioles, The Ravens
and the list goes on and on!
But still growing, still flowering in
"Don's Musical Garden" to this day are:  Benny Goodman, Harry James, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, The
Four Aces!
Well so long for now, but may I again show you around "Don's Musical Garden" and point out some other musical Talents growing there?

The Blues are blooming, the Rhythms have roots, together with all the voices, songs ,and artists , all together in beautifull harmony,
present a wonderfull sight in
" Don`s Musical Garden " !
I like to say my " Garden " has so many " Different Similarities"
Today I`d like to tell you about some of the things that were happening during the early 50`s.
We were listening to the Crickets sing Milk & Gin/ The Street of Dreams
The Diamonds sang  A Begger For Your Kisses /Call Baby Call
The Crowns {or 5 Crowns} sang Your My Inspiration
The Clovers sang One Mint Julep/Hey Miss Fanny/  Good Lovin`.
Then there were  
Jesse& Marvin singing  Dream Girl/ Daddy loves Baby.
Lloyd Price singing  Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Mailman Blues
Sonny Til singing Crying The Chapel and so much more!

Take a "STROLL" in my musical garden.
Let's see what musical memories are blooming here today.  Let me tell you about the time that my best friend
John Eddith and I AKA "The
were invited by Mambo Willie, a small time Boston promoter,  to "open" for Sonny Til, who was now doing a solo act and no
longer singing with
"The Orioles".   The only reason why John and I took this gig is because we jumped at the chance to sing on the same
show with the great Sonny Til.  The certainty of our being paid could be compared to the stability of th
e New England weather.  (smile)
This event took place
"somewhere down the Cape" and there are two things I remember:  Sonny Til had a real bad toothache and we were
trying to help him deal with his pain.  Despite his pain we were privileged to see him in person perform one of his signature songs:
In The Chapel"
This took place some 50 years ago and today Mambo Willie just put the check in the mail!  (smile)
Despite our not being paid that "Chump Change" that Mambo Willie promised us he gave us something much more valuable than any
money he could have paid us.  He gave us the opportunity to spend a whole evening driving from
Boston to the Cape and back (round trip
about 5 hours) talking with
Sonny Til about Music.
I hope you enjoyed our little stroll through
Don's Musical Garden and enjoyed just one of the musical memories growing there.  Hope you'll
come back and
"STROLL" with me again.  
Please stop by again and see what is growing in
Don`s Musical Garden
Have A Super Day!

Hi, ' Yes it`s Me and I`m
in " Bloom" Again " ! ' My Memories Are All in Tune Again !
Please take another " STROLL "  with me in "
Don`s Musical Garden " and see what musical memories are growing there.
I remember the time when my friends  and I went to see
The Willows :
" Church Bells May Ring " at the Rhode Island Auditorium.
Only there was one Big Problem. WE HAD NO MONEY!.  We reasoned that even if we could not get in ,we might at least get to see the
Willows and get their autographs , if we got there early.  So we got there early  and stationed ourselves outside the auditorium stage door
entrance   When
the Willows came and found out about our  plight, they came up with a solution.. They made us their " Honorary Valets '   {
about seven of us} for the evening!
So we carried all their equipment in for them , got to see the whole show, and heard them sing their big hit
"Church Bells May Ring" IN
PERSON !!!  That is one great memory that will ALWAYS BE BLOOMING in
"Don`s Musical Garden"!

Here I  go again!
Taking another STROLL in Don`s Musical Garden.
Look ! There's a Musical Memory growing , and I don`t quite know what it is.
Maybe  you can help me. There is a
FREE CD by The Inspirations for you if you can help me identify the song  or the singing group  that I
am trying to remember.
One day back in `53 a friend  from Jamaica N.Y. came for  a visit  He brought a record with him,  that none of the kids in Cambridge/Boston
had heard before!     We  would  have  parties, go to record hops and play this
beautiful ballad and every one loved it. But we had the only
copy  and everyone thought  {especially the girls }we were some BIG SHOTS with insde connections in the music world.  And we let them
{especially the girls } go right on believing that this was the case.
We had a lot of fun with our little game and it was SO GOOD to have a record that even the
Boston D J`s didn`t have! Of course the DJ`s
soon found their own copies, and " The Jig Was Up"!  But now  I`m trying to remember ,just what was the name of that song and who was
the group that sang it. The
flip side was a   real jumpin` R&B song
The first letter of the group`s name begins with a " C "  The song`s first words are " My Girl "
title of the flip side is one word.
Please help me  identify this memory growing in Don`s Musical Garden and win a CD by The Inspirations!  If you know the answer  
please e-mail The Doo Wop Pit Stop at :
joe@jhf-website.com,   Subject:  "Help Don", and we will tell you how to get your FREE CD!

Thanks for taking another STROLL Through Don`s Musical Garden,  We`ll STROLL  with you again next time.
Have a Happy Day !  I`ll be STROLLING with you again soon ,
My best to you all,

Hi there all you music lovers! Ready for another STROLL through Don`s Musical Garden
Let me show you some of my Beautiful Memories blooming here.
I like to take you back to my
Doo Wop Days at The Rollaway Dance Hall in Revere, MA.  I saw many of the early Doo Wop stars in
person  before
Doo Wop Music crossed over to the POP field. Some of the acts I saw in person at The Rollaway were:
The Spaniels/The Drifters  { what a thrill it was to see Clyde McPhatter sing Money Honey  IN PERSON !!! } Fats Domino { long before
he recorded
Blueberry Hill } Johnny Ace and Little Willie John singing Fever,  years before Peggy Lee recorded it. By the way Little
was driving  a PINK CADDY !!

I`ll back  for another STROLL through
Don`s Musical Garden  ," TIL THEN"
KEEP ON SMILING, and Have a Great Day,

Today as I  walk through my Musical Garden , I `m enjoying some  " Short Term Memories " starting to grow.
My mind flashes back to last Friday afternoon, Nov.20 th,  About  2 pm that afternoon I recieved a call from Harvey Robbins asking me if
The Inspirations could perform the next evening in his
Royalty of Doo Wopp Show at The Hanover Theatre in Worcester Ma.
I saw this as great opportunity! We would be performing with such Motown greats as:
The Contours { Do You Love Me? }, with original member, Joe Billingslea.
The Vandellas
{ Dancing in The Street,  Heatwave } with two original members.Also,
The Flamingos { I Only Have Eyes For You } with Sid Hall and Doug Mc Clure.
Now all I had to do is contact my partner Aaron Clark in Boston  I kept calling , but got no response Then a SOUR NOTE  came over me !
Maybe he`s out of town for the weekend!  At last I touched base with Aaron about 8:30 pm and called
Harvey Robbins
to let him know we were all set to perform..
We had such a Great Time hanging with , and eating with these
Doo Wop greats!
Then we had the joy of seeing them perform in person, for FREE!  My wife and one of our friends also enjoyed the show for FREE!  And Yes
Harvey, unlike Mambo Willie, a small jive time promoter from Boston , that I spoke about in an earlier installment,  paid us CASH , "
Which is Just As Good as Money " !!
Inspirations performed three songs:
What`s Your Name " {Don and Jaun }
We Belong Together "  { Robert and Johnny }
Got But One Heart " {an  original by the Inspirations }
Now I hope my
SHORT TERM MEMORY doesn`t fail me,  because even though these Great Things only happened a short time ago, I want
them to to bloom as thrilling memories in
Don`s Musical Garden  FOREVER !!
Please join me again as I take  another
STROLL through Don`s Musicl Garden.
Have a
Great Day and please don`t hit any SOUR NOTES !!!

As I once again take a stroll through
Don's musical garden I see 3 More Beautiful Memories blooming there!
These beautiful memories take me back to the years
In September of "54" I went away to a small college in
Raleigh, NC.  For a young man of 18 years moving away from Cambridge/Boston MA
to Raleigh, NC in the "50's" was a real culture shock to me!  I was really homesick and many times I would not attend my classes.  I was
staying in my dorm room and listen to the radio.  Broadcasting live from
WRAL radio was "Honey Boy Ford" playing the latest R&B hits.  
Later in the day I would go off campus to a "Juke Joint" called
"The Greasy Spoon".  Many of the kids hung out there and the Juke box was
always jumping.  The three songs I remember most are:
 "Buick 59" - The Medallions, "Pledging my Love" - Johnny Ace, and "White
Christmas" -
The Drifters.
Away back then I used to wonder what a 59 buick would look like.  Now 50 years later I see people driving 09 Buicks!  WOW!
In the Spring of "55" the kids would open the windows of their Dorm rooms and put their record players on the window sill and "blast"
Johnny Ace's song "Pledging my Love"  all over the campus.  It was a sad time for all because Johnny Ace had recently died.  I remember
those days in Raleigh, NC so well.
But the saddest time for me was in late December of "54".  Because of Holiday vacation "the campus was bare".  All the kids had gone
home for the holiday season.  But I had to stay in NC.  I longed to be back home in
Cambridge/Boston with my life long friends and go with
them to all the dances and parties that was happening.  Instead I was stuck at my Uncle's house in
Durham, NC.  It seemed that all I heard
on the radio was
Bill Pinkney/Drifters singing "White Christmas".  Oh, I was so lonely!
Ah, when I finally came home in May of "55" I had fond/sad memories of my freshman year at
St. Augustine's College in Raleigh, NC.  I also
had a strong "SOUTHERN ACCENT"!  But those great songs
"Buick 59" - The Medallions, "Pledging my Love" - Johnny Ace and "White
- The Drifters will always be such beautiful memories blooming in Don's Musical Garden.

Hello again ! Time for another STROLL through Don`s Musical Garden.
Look!! Over there in the Boston/Cambridge corner I see growing a Beautiful D J  Tree !
And I see D J`s such as
Symphony Sid, Arnie " Woo Woo " Ginsburg, Bill Marlowe, Joe Smith, Wild Man Steve, and The Early Bird.,all
blooming beside Radio Stations ,
Symphony Sid was one of the first DJ`s to promote R&B music in the Boston/Cambridge area.
He worked first in New York City as a Jazz DJ,featuring the music of
Sarah Vausghn, Billy Eckstine, Count Basie ect.
But when he came to
Boston " He Set The Joint On Fire !! " by playing on Boston Radio music that most folks had
NEVER heard before! It was
R&B, music that featured  : The Clovers, The Ravens, The Orioles, Ruth Brown, Big Joe Turner,
Big Ma Ma Willie Mae Thornton
! The kids loved him and his music! However, many " Proper  Bostonians "considered such music as
pioneer D J`s like Symphony Sid kept playing R&B music,,and soon Rock & Roll, Soul, Rockabilly
all came along, and look where this " TRASH " is today!!!
When you heard
Symphony Sid`s theme song, " Jumpin`With My Boy Sid In The City " tuggin` at your heart strings
from your AM Radio you KNEW you was in for a
Rockin` Good Time !!!
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame includes Symphony Sid in a display about the most influential D J`s in music history
So thanks to you,
Symphony Sid, and ALL you pioneer R&B, Rock & Roll DJ`s who knew GOOD MUSIC when they heard it
and had the courage to play it on "
The Breeze." We are enjoying the fruits of your labor today!
Thank you for taking another STROLL with me through "
Don`s Musical  Garden "
Have a Great New England Winter!

Hello again to all you busy people out there!  First of all I want to say Thanks and Congratulations to Margaret from
Woonsocket, RI
 for reminding that the Castelles recorded "My Girl Awaits Me" back in 1953.  
Margaret won the "Then and Now" CD by the Inspirations!!
Inspirations have been nominated for Three Grammy Awards for 2010 !!!  That makes FOUR total Grammy Nominations they
have received !!!  We like to
Thank All who have supported our music.
Today I`d like to pick another
" plum " from my DJ Tree.  
Today we are going to enjoy a tasty treat from my
memories of Arnie " Woo Woo " Ginsburg."
" Who is Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsburg ?" ,you say.  Well, he is the DJ that invented  The Ginsburger!  Well, what is a " Ginsburger? ", you
Let me  please take you back a few decades, back to
Boston, Ma. , back to Radio Station  WMEX, when WMEX AM Radio was broadcasting
Arnie Ginsburg`s Night Train Show. Arnie was " Blasting " top 40 Rock and Roll Music all over New England,  Arnie`s shows
featured bells, horns, whistles,and all kinds of strange sound effects.
Now let me tell you about the
Famous Ginsburger!!
You see, one of Arnie`s sponsors was
Adventure Car Hop, a drive in fast food  place ,in Saugus, Ma.  Girls would come to your car
take  your order and bring you food  back to your car.   So they named the hamurgers ,
Ginsburgers and if you said  " Woo Woo Ginsburg "
you`d get a
second Ginsburger FREE !.
Now here`s where I need your help again. When you ordered your first Ginsburger they did not serve it to you on a tray  I can`t
remember what they served the first Ginsburger on, so please help me remember and win a
new CD by  The inspirations.
Contact  joe@jhf-website.com  subject:     " Help Don"
I can`t wait for you to " Return with me to those thrilling day of yesteryear " when mornings were not the only AM in your life, but AM Radio
was on 24/7 !!!
Thank you good people for taking another
STROLL through Don`s Musical Garden
Have a good day, and keep safe.
Please "Return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear" and take another stroll through
Don's Musical Garden.  Have a great day.

Hello once again, are you ready to take another "Stroll" with me in my Music Garden?  Look at all the great memories blooming here!
I see
"peanuts" growing on the "Little Joe Cook Tree".
I remember way back in 1957 when I saw
"Little Joe Cook" perform at the "Hibernian Hall" in Boston, Ma.  At intermission " Little Joe"
spent a lot of time talking to us young kids about his life in music and how he came to write the song,
"Peanuts".  His kindness is something
I'll always remember.  It seems that there was a little girl living in his neighborhood who they called
"Peanuts".  When one of her family
members, who had a very high pitched voice, called "Peanuts" the little girl would answer.  So one day Joe got the idea for a song called "
Peanuts" and went home, wrote it and today we still enjoy this classic song,

I had the great privilege of visiting "Little Joe" at his home in Framingham, Ma about a year ago,  Along with WNRI  DJ's, Jack Rivers and
 At 87 years of age he is still full of life and has so many musical memories that I have plucked and planted in Don's Music Garden!

I see some "Goody Goody's" blooming in the Frankie Lymon tree.  I remember seeing Frankie Lymon sing his great hit "Goody Goody" at
Rose land Ballroom in Taunton, Ma.  He was doing a solo act at this time and he sounded great!  I still remember his big hits "Why do
Fools Fall in Love" and the "ABC's of Love
".  He had such a great voice.  Yes Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers are still firmly planted, still
blooming, still sounding good in
Don's Music Garden.

I'm so glad you could take time out of your busy lives to take another stroll with me through Don's Music Garden.  By the way, can you help
me remember?
 On what did they serve "The Ginsburger" at the "Adventure Car Hop" on Rt. 1 in Saugus, Ma in the
early 60's?
 They didn't serve it on a tray but they served it on some round vinyl that had a hole in the middle of it!
If you know the answer please contact: joe@jhf-website.com   Subject:  Help Don.  "Win a new CD "The Inspirations
Then and Now"

Please have a happy "Winter Wonderland" this year!  When "AM" was not only morning time when you were pouring your coffee, but "AM"
was radio time pouring out all that great music on your
AM Radio dial 24/7.

My best to all
Don Robinson  aka "The Inspirations"
much more to come ...
2010 Grammy Award Nominee!!
"Please Find Me A Place In Your Heart"
(Pop Duo Vocal)
"This Wall" (Pop Instrumental)
"Then And Now" (Pop Album)
Don is proud to announce that Boston Jazz Great, Pat
Braxton, has recently recorded and released her rendition of
his song, 'My Face'.  Click her pic to view the video!