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Don's Musical Garden  (Check it out and see what's growing)
I was born in 1936 and during the late 30's and thru the 40's I heard a lot of great  inspiring  music pouring out of our AM radio!
There was Big Band, Jazz, Pop, etc.  So way back then the seeds of Great and  Diversified  music seeds were being planted in
Musical Garden"
As the 40's grew to a close and the decade of the 50's began, the seeds of R & B and Doo Wop began to be planted in "Don's Musical
.  My "Garden" grew such talents as:  The Cardinals, The Clovers, The Cadillacs, Ruth Brown, Faye Adams, Joe Turner, The
Dominoes, The Five Royals, The Orioles, The Ravens
and the list goes on and on!
But still growing, still flowering in
"Don's Musical Garden" to this day are:  Benny Goodman, Harry James, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, The
Four Aces!

Here's Don's Latest Installment ...
"Guess Who"
Let's take another stroll through Don's musical garden.  I see all kinds of music blooming here.  Instrumentals, vocal groups,
male and female vocalists and duets.  Today I see a particular duet that I am quite familiar with:  
The Inspirations.
The Inspirations
are a duet that was formed way back in the early 50's as a five member singing group.  John Eddith and I were part of
that group out of
North Cambridge Ma.  But soon things got too complicated so each one went his separate way except John and I.  John and
I really loved music and really wanted to sing, but what were we to do?

While listening to some of our favorite songs an idea hit us like a ton of records!  
The idea, why not form a duet.

Jessie and Marvin singing Dream Girl and Daddy Loves Baby and Shirley and Lee singing Let the Good Times Roll were having great
success.  Why not us?  Not only was it less complicated to work with a duet but what really held the duet together was that John and I were
best friends.  We started imitating other duets such as:  
Jessie and Marvin, Shirley and Lee, Robert and Johnny (We Belong Together) Don
and Juan
(What's Your Name) Gene and Eunice (This Is My Story) and Mickey and Sylvia (Love Is Strange).

And then another idea fell on us like a ton of 45's!  We noticed that these duets were successful because they were singing their own
original songs.

So we started writing our own songs and the first two songs we recorded were:  "
Got But One Heart" and "I Did Everything I could".  We
recorded these songs way back in 1961 at the
Ace Recording Studio, Boston, MA

Now because my best friend John Eddith lives in Virginia my young friend Aaron Clark fills in for him.

I hope you enjoyed our little stroll through
Don's musical garden.  I look forward to strolling with you again very soon.

Tune into
Papa Joes Doo Wop Pit Stop on www.bostoninternetradio.com   You just might hear The Inspirations singing one of
their original songs.

We will be strolling with you again soon!

Don Robinson  aka  The Inspirations

"You'll Never Know"
Welcome to Don's musical garden.

You know this world is full of heartache and pressure. I often take walks in my beautiful Musical Garden to find some
peace of mind. Why don`t you leave your pressures at the Garden gate, and take a stroll with me ?

Today i`m " looking " at some beautiful songs growing out of the distant past. When I " see " these wonderful tunes
they take me " back in the day " when things were " Brighter ".

What do you dream about when you hear one of your favorite songs from yesteryear ?

I dream about : My first dance, My first date, My first car, My first lost love, etc.

Here are some of the tunes I `m dreaming about today :

You`ll Never Know
Most of All
     The Moonglows
Good lovin`    The Clovers
My Girl Awaits Me     The Castelles
Over The Rainbow  Judy Garland
Bunny Lee   Ronnie and the Satellites
Shake Rattle and Roll    Big Joe Turner
I`ll Never Tell   The Harptones
Earth Angel   The Penguins

What songs are you dreaming about today ?
Papa Joe`s Doo Wop Pit Stop on  www.bostoninternetradio.com
You are guaranteed to hear some great tunes that`ll bring you back to that special time in your life !!!

Don Robinson  aka  The Inspirations

"It's been a long, long, time"
(Harry James and Helen Forrest).
I am back!  Welcome to Don's musical garden once again.

Recently my son Colby and I went to see a popular
Boston vocalist, Pat Braxton at the Scullers Jazz
on Soldiers Field Rd. Boston, MA  Scullers is located on the shores of the beautiful Charles River.

Pat took us way back in time as she sang many of the great Billie Holiday tunes.  She even had the
Billie Holiday trade mark flower in her hair.  My son and I felt that we were back in the forties sitting in a
beautiful Jazz club listening to the great
Billie Holiday in person.  Some of the old standards she sang
When you're smiling, Ain't nobody's business if I do, Them their eyes and What a little moonlight
can do

As I was sitting at the table with my 22 year old son that night I was thinking about how happy it made
me to be enjoying this fine music of yesteryear with him.  The highly acclaimed pop/Jazz singer,
, (nominated for best female blues singer and best female Jazz singer) put on a great show!!

I am so glad that many young people are embracing this wonderful music of the past.  Joe, Keep up the
great work on Boston Internet Radio.  Looking forward to "seeing you again" via
Papa Joe's Pop
Doo Wop Pit Stop
All my best to you and yours

Don Robinson  aka "The Inspirations"
much more to come ..--
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